FioraI am Associate Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, University of York. I am also Research Associate at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Guest Teacher at the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at the same School. Previously, I was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at CPNSS (2015-2017), a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (2012-2015), a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Studies, University of London (2014-2015), and a visiting member of eidos at the University of Geneva (2012). I was also a junior member of LOGOS at the University of Barcelona (2006-2011), and a member of LanCog at the University of Lisbon (2012-2015).



I hold a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona, a Master in Cognitive Science and Language from the same university, and a Master in Philosophy and History of Ideas from the University of Turin.